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Fitness weekend and last minute vacation

On Friday, me and my friend went bike riding and it was great, the weather was perfect and I havent been bike riding for so long, I cant even remember, when was the last time. We rode for 3 hours and it was super fun! Then on Saturday, I did good old Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Level 1 and yesterday me and my friend went bike riding again, but this time we rode only 20 minutes to get to our favourite pizzeria and had pizza there as a cheat meal :) And tomorrow I am going to Turkey for a week so I might even get some tan this summer. I will be swimming in the pool every morning, hopefully to do some fitness (and of course in the sea!!) and I am considering taking my running shoes, but last year when I was in Turkey, it was too hot to run, so I only went running once. But I am probably still taking them and will give it a try! So everyone have a great week!! There should be a wi-fi in a hotel lobby, but I highly doubt that it will work.